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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sound * From the lions mouth

I still remember my first concert from The Sound, after this record came out. I'll never forget it because it started in a strange way. It was in the old youth-center concerthall in Arnhem. The legendary Stokvishal, gone for years now. I was with my love and a friend of ours. The friend had smoked for the first time some weed and he was a bit afraid because the concerthall was very crowded. At some time he was picking flowers from the concrete floor. ;-) And he thought he was walking on high boots filled with blood. :-S So i had to calm him down in which i succeeded luckily.
Then the concert begins and it was fantastic! Within a short time the crowd was singing, dancing, jumping. Everybody felt connected so it seemed, it was one big party full of joy! And when they started the number 'Winning', the roof went off!! (is that a good english expression?) As i said befor; i will never forget this concert.
The singer/guitarist Adrian Borland was a bit shy, but a very charming personality. The songs of The Sound are melancholic with despair but also hope. They refused to become more commercial (luckily!) but that's one of the reasons the band never had a break through. They never got the recognition they deserved.
Adrian Borland suffered from depression and in 1999 he committed suicide.
More information you can find here.

You can find all the numbers of this record HERE.

THE SOUND * From the lions mouth * Korova Recording 1981
  • Winning
  • Sense of purpose
  • Contact the fact
  • Skeletons
  • Judgement
  • Fatal flaw
  • Possession
  • The fire
  • Silent air
  • New dark age


  1. Some months ago you featured a country/folk group from, I think, Austin, Texas on your other site. I listened and fell in love with them (Black and white video) and then quickly forget their name. I've searched for them but can't find anything. Do you remember who they were? Such pure sounds.

    thanks in advance

  2. Do you know what they were singing about> Some lines/words? I always place a kind of topic above the videos like: beneath the skin, about gods and demons etc.... Do you still remember that?

  3. Momo, I don't. Robert found the link and showed me the band. Soulful, old fashioned, stripped clean raw black and white video, dog on the floor as the band joined in in the room of a farm houe. It was exactly my kind of music, folkish. That's all I know. :)

    Vacation good?


  4. Hi Erin,
    i think you mean Dana Falconberry.

    My vacation was kind of lonely but good, thank you. :-)


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