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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mist * strange and twisted popmusic

We have to go back to the beginning of the early nineties.  Then guitarist Kers and hometaper Monica began to play and write songs together. First the two used a drumcomputer but they didn't like that. So they were looking for a drummer. They did find a drummer and also some other musicians. That was the beginning of the rockband The Hairdo's. Mist disappeared to the background. Until 1993. The Hairdo's had a concert and Femke was a visitor. She talked with Kers and Monica and there was a click. Femke plays drums.  So Kers and Monica decided to set up Mist again.  Mist don't do lot of concerts. There must be time and also it has to be a special opportunity to play. Like special events, parties and playing as support act.  To share the stage with  the American lofi-band Half Japanese is such a special event for the three musicians. This unregular system doesn't have any consequences for writing songs. If there's an upcoming concert you can find the three in the rehearsel room, working hard. And most of the time it also leads to new songs.
Mist isn't stuck on one style. There are lots of possibilities in their music. Mist (meaning fog) is hazy, they say. But miraculously this intangible concept works. Keep in mind  is a delicious , rattling popsong á la The Slits, with two-voiced harmonies. The hypnotic All is loneliness with a digeridoo player has some Velvet Underground influences. This song is based upon a drumgroove from Femke. Monica: "We also wrote a song for only a little musicbox en two voices. We played in a punk concerthall. In the beginning there were lots of noises, but in no time there was silence and the people listening."
A part of the interview by Hans Walraven: De Gelderlander 09-05 1998.

Mist  *  Kers; guitars, (alt)vocals, sighs, toy instruments.  Monica; leading (high)vocals, sighs, screams and whispers, toy instruments, bells. Femke: drums, vocals, sighs, toy instruments.

During our excistence the group of people who were fans was growing steadily. As i listen now to our music it begins to itch, i wanna play music with them again. Who knows?  The song All is loneliness was a tribute to the great musician/composer Moondog. The soundsculptor Karel van der Eyk played the didgeridoo. This song lasts 7 minutes, but there's only 4 minutes on it, without the voices. :-s I don't know why, i'll try to fix that.
This was a rough demotape of the songs. I don't have the finished tape. The sound quality also could be better, but this is all i have left from Mist. I recommend to use headphones so you better can hear all the sighs and noises. ;-)  The sound engineer was Eppie.
 I soon also will upload music from The hairdo's and some of the electronic music i did alone. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Monica!

    Why have you been hiding this for so long? I'm sitting here listing to your songs, and I here so many influences. I expected to hear you singing in Dutch, but your English is perfect! We have to talk more about this! I want to hear you electronic work as well. More, more, more!

    I am awake now!


  2. I have been waiting a long time to hear this music and it is both what I expected to hear from you and much much more. I have just heard the whole tape, and it rocks! But your voice, my dear - I hear every great female soul and rock and punk singer, and then something else uniquely your own. It is one of those listening experiences when I ask myself - how did I not know this music until now? How was it out there and not a part of my life? And how happy I am to hear it just now, at this exact point in my life and know the woman behind it. Oh, I think the time for a band reunion is NOW. Thank you so much Luna for sharing this side of your creative power!

  3. Monica - Forgive me I didn't even know you had this site let alone sing in a band. I love your music.


  4. This site of you rocks!
    Good that you remembered to open it for us!
    Thank you, Monica!

  5. Leuk M! Nu nog een ESP blog (Jan?)


  6. Oh my God! It sounds great!
    I can feel all influences, but you all had intelligence to make an original music. This is what a real artist do!
    Your voice is amazing, a sweet rebelliousness and very contagious.
    I´d like to hear more...or even have a copy of this tape ;)
    I clap my hand for you, dear Monica!

  7. LOL Brian, i don't know.... But it took me some time to get it on my computer, convert it and uploading it to a player. I'm glad my English isn't too bad. ;-) I hope to talk to you soon Brian, but i think our time differences makes it difficult to catch each other on FB chat. But i would love that. I'm also very curious about your music.
    There will be more, don't worry. ;-) I'm so glad you like the music.

    Dear Gabriella,
    wow...even much more. That makes me so happy. But the other two ladies also sing. I do most of the leading parts though.
    A bit insecurity and being very busy with other matters made that we stopped with the band. But i recently met the drumster again and will pay her a visit. So we talk about this for sure. Making new music would be great, but i don't know if i can perform again on stage because of my muscle disease which infects my breathing muscles. But who knows what will happen. :-)

    Thank you so much Robert. It's great finding you here. :-) Don't apologize, you couldn't know, for i'm not so loud of this blog. Perhaps i have to spread the news about this blog more. :-)

    Tnx Monika, i'm glad you like this blog. And you're welcome. :-)

    Hee Freddy!!! Leuk je hier te zien. :-) Ja ik wil zeker ook nog wat over ESP doen, want ik vond jullie steengoed en ben er nog steeds van overtuigd dat jullie je tijd vooruit waren. Wie weet kunnen jullie de muziek opnieuw uitgeven....
    Groetjes! xoxo

    Dear Crissant,
    i'm so pleased you like the music. And yes, although the harmonies weren't always harmonious (LOL) people always told us that the music is strange but attractive. And personally i think we could have had some hits, but oh well. :-)
    Kisses for you too!

  8. I am so exited that i can hold myself .
    I haven't vosited blogspot .... so Crissant sent me an email telling me about you , she said that i can't miss this post . She explained that it is what we like to listen . hahah!! i came running as fast as possible to check the post .
    But Monica .
    i have no speakers here , even so i wil try to listen this today .
    i promisse that will do everything .
    Crissant said your voice is beautiful .
    i am sure of that but i have to listen .
    i am crazy here !!!

  9. LOL Caio, tnx for making me laugh you silly! ;-)
    The guitarist and the drummer also sing the backing vocals. Ans as Kers and i both sing then the higher voice is mine. Kers is a great guitarplayer and Femke a very unusual drummer. :-D
    xoxo and take it easy you crazy man.....

  10. Monica! you had mentioned, who had a band,
    and now I'm listening and loving this sound! great sound!
    wow, I felt years younger !.....
    imagine how you must have missed, to make music!
    what a beautiful voice! good composition, you guys are super competent!
    thank you for showing us!
    My best wishes to you!
    a big and real hug, dear...

  11. Monica, oh my god, that is freaken awesome! That first song especially. I'll have to bring this up and listen longer and harder when I am home. Brave and raw, powerful, and yet feminine. Speaks to your other art as well.



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