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Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of this world * BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Ha! This is such a fun record. From the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The sleeve is ofcourse big fun, but the record itself also. With sounds from OUTER SPACE, MAGIC and FANTASY, SUSPENSE and the SUPERNATURAL and THE ELEMENTS. For being a musician and using lots of electronica and tapes, loving oscilators and stuff, my love collect this kind of records just for fun. I think nowadays this record is a collectors item.

The video is about the radiophonic workshops.

On you tube you will find more parts of this documentary. And we all know the mysterious Dr. Who theme, don't we?

OUT OF THIS WORLD * Atmosperic sounds and effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop * BBC records and tapes * 1976

The sounds on this record:
Sea of mercury, Galactic travel, Tardis take-off Tardisland, Space rocket take-off, Flying saucer land, flying saucer take-off, spaceship controlroom atmosphere, spaceship interior atmosphere, electric door open and shut, five lasergun bursts, gravity generator, time warp start run and stop, Venusian spave lab., Andromedan war machine, space battle. ;-D
dance of fire-flies, dreaming, crystal city, enchanted forest, goblins fair, magic carpet take-off flight and land, magic beanstalk grows, star fairies, midsummer elves, fairy appears and disappears, wizard flies off, casting a spell, magic mushroom, magic birdsong. Aren't you wondering how this all sounds?
phantoms of darkness, uncanny expectation, spectres in the wind, evil rises up, threatening shadow (how does that sound?), moments of terror, passing shade. psychic fears, two terror bangs, terror zing and terror glissando, ' thing' approaches, roaring monster, nightmare forest, fiendish shrieks
heat haze, desert sands, frozen waste, icy peak, snow swirls, passing couds, starry skies, electric storm, watery depths, rising bubbles, spring tide.

All these titles tickles my imagination haha.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondered if you can help me find out if the records I have are of any value?. All records are in perfect condition they look like new and have no damage to either sleeve or the disc but they are all a bit unusual. Here is a short list I really hope you can help and I would like to sell them if its worth the while.

    BBC records Sound effects No 24 Combat
    BBC records Sound effects No 21 More death and horror (in blood red vinyl)
    BBC records Sci-fi sound effects
    BBC records Sound effects No 16 Disasters
    BBC records Sound effects No 22 Music for silent movies (Dennis Wilson)
    BBC records Vanishing sounds in Britain
    BBC records Off beat sound effects
    BBC records Sound effects Vol 13 Death and horror
    BBC records Out of this world atmospheric sounds and effects from the BBC radiophonic workshop
    BBC records Holiday sound effects
    BBC records sound effects No 25 sounds of speed
    BBC records Doctor who sound effects 1978

    Hope you can give me some sort of idea of there value. Hope to hear from you soon.


    Neil Morrison email: neilmorrison764@talktalk.net


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