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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Robert Wyatt * Ruth is stranger than Richard

This is the third solo album from Robert Wyatt. One of the most beautiful voices of that time i think. His unique voice touches many strings of my heart. Over the years Robert Wyatt worked together with lots of now famous bands and co-musicians. Think Deavid Allen, The soft machine, Caravan and much more. I love the sleeve of this record. Such a wonderfull strange painting painted by his wife Alfreda Benge.

It isn't strange that the following song is one of my favourites from this record because he wrote it with Fred Frith, who i admire a lot. Robert Wyatt sings and Fred Frith on the piano. Very beautiful!

Musicians in this next song: Laurie Allan: drums ~ Brian eno: direct inject anti-jazz gun ~ Nisar Ahmad & George Kahn: tenor sax ~ Bill MacCormick: bass guitar ~ Gary Windo: tenor sax ~ Robert Wyatt: mouth, piano ~

This album doesn't contain my most favourite Robert Wyatt songs, so i don't play this LP very often.

  1. Muddy mouse a)
  2. Solar flares
  3. Muddy mouse (b)
  4. Five black notes and one white note
  5. Muddy mouse (c)
  6. Muddy mouth
  1. Soup song
  2. Sonia
  3. Team spirit
  4. Song for Che

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